In the electrical industry, safety is often defined by codes and procedures, and Arrow Electric is diligent in following them all to the letter. However, we think safety transcends anything that can be spelled out in a manual, which is why the very essence of safety is woven into our very culture.

We instill a reverence and respect throughout our entire company for every protocol, process, and methodology that serves to protect the health and safety of the Arrow Electric team, our clients, and the general public affected by our work.

Our goal is always ZERO Injuries. To this end, we continue to abide by all national and local codes and commit all necessary resources required to realize this goal. We remain dedicated to upholding a safety record that is second to none, and ensure our job sites are always free of potential electrical hazards.

  • We employ a full-time Safety Director
  • We attend regular Safety Conferences
  • Our licensed employees receive annual field training and classroom instruction
  • Arrow Electric Journeymen are proficient with the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70)
  • We comply with NFPA 70E, the industry standard for electrical safety
  • We perform regular onsite safety inspections
  • We perform job hazard analysis when warranted for special projects