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Electrical Services
Our Electrical Services provide you with electrical trouble coverage 24/7. Arrow’s notification network allows us to quickly and accurately assess your situation and determine the most efficient way to get you up and running. We know that waiting for repairs to happen is not an option for you, so our dedicated team and extensive line of equipment is ready to assist you in solving your electrical issues.

Our highly-trained technicians have many years of experience to safely handle the high voltage testing, replacement, and repair of high voltage cables, transformers, switchgear, and breakers.

Large or small, Arrow’s team of technicians will take on any project. Repairs? Redesigns? Upgrades? We have the engineering, estimating, and technical abilities to accomplish these tasks, including keeping your PLC, drives, and motor control systems online and running to maintain production at the highest levels.

For Arrow Electric, Service is a matter of pride, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Louisville Services Contact
Joey Salerno
Phone: 502-367-0141

Fax: 502-361-8613

Lexington Services Contact
Scotty Chambers
Phone: 859-514-5917
Fax: 859-281-9707