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What does Safety mean at Arrow Electric?
What does Safety mean at Arrow Electric? Safety for Arrow Electric is much more than a mere concept; instead, we want to take the idea of Safety and transform that idea into a culture within all aspects of the company.

In order to make the transformation from concept to culture, we expect cooperation and participation from every Arrow Electric Team Member. Only 100% involvement from all levels of the Arrow Electric Team will produce the continuing improvement in our Safety Program and help us to reach our goal of Zero Injuries.

In all of its operations, the personal safety and health of each employee of Arrow Electric are of primary importance. With this in mind, management has committed all necessary resources required to eliminate all injuries and illnesses, as well as protecting the general public who may come into contact with or may be affected by company activities.

As a company, we recognize that the responsibilities for safety and health are shared by everyone working for Arrow Electric: we are dedicated to achieving a record in the field of safety that is second to none.

Brent Mainous
Safety Manager
Phone: 502-357-5925

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